JDbConvert Documentation Version 0.1


1. What is JDbConvert?

2. Which DBMS are supported ?

3. Command Line Syntax


1. What is JDbConvert?

JDbConvert is an command line database converter based on Java and JDBC. It should be able to convert from any database to any database, but there are some differences between the DBMS that need to adapt every DBMS. Currently we have test it with Small SQL, MS Access and MS SQL Server. More database are follow.
Other database will work if there are no problems with data type mapping and views does not needed.


2. Which DBMS are supported?

Currently are supported:

Other DBMS will work with generic data types. It will only for tables because there is no standard in the JDBC interface to scan the structure of a view.


3. Command Line Syntax

 java -cp JDbConvert.jar;yourdriver.jar JDbConvert [-options]

Option Description
-srcurl <url> The JDBC URL of the source database.
-srcuser <user> The user name of the source database.
-srcpassword <password> The password of the source database.
-desturl <url> The JDBC URL of the destination database.
-destuser <user> The user name of the destination database.
-destpassword <password> The password of the destination database.
-drv <class name> The classname of a driver. You can use this option multiple times.
-jdbclog Enable the JDBC logging.
-overright Overright existing objects.


The follow sample kopiert the databse form the ODBC DataSource "mssql" to the ODBC DataSource "access"

java -cp JDbConvert.jar JDbConvert -srcurl jdbc:odbc:mssql -srcuser sa -desturl jdbc:odbc:access -drv smallsql.server.SSDriver -drv sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver -overright





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